8 incredible video games you should be playing today

8 incredible video games you should be playing today

Over the decades, there have been countless incredible games created by just as countless gaming developers. From the family-friendly adventure games of Nintendo to the more mature action games of Sony Interactive Entertainment, countless games have captured the imagination of players.

Today, we at CleverCart will be talking about these games and see why you should be playing them today. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017)

For most of its history, the Legend of Zelda series has been a primarily linear storyline game. Though this is fun as it gives you a system to follow, it can feel a bit limiting, especially after you’re done playing. With this in mind, Nintendo has solved its limiting play system by introducing you to an open-world game in the Legend of Zelda series. 

In this game, you’re allowed to travel a vast and breathtaking world filled with magic, danger and excitement. In doing so, the game feels more immersive and thrilling than its predecessors since you control the destiny of Link and the many adventures he will be taking in. 

With these great visuals paired with an action-packed adventure filled with magic and sword fighting, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience when playing Breath of the Wild. 

The Last of Us (2013)

Created by Naughty Dog in 2012, The Last of Us is one of the most successful games of the 2010s. Not only is it a commercial success beloved by thousands of players, but it’s also a critically acclaimed game that’s beloved by critics. The best part? The game accomplished this great feat on its launch day—something rare for a lot of video games. 

To this day, this great impact of the Last of Us is still felt in the gaming world. Because as the game continues to grow in popularity, thrilling DLC content was added for better experiences, was remastered for next-gen consoles, a sequel (though it received mixed receptions) and even an HBO adaptation starring Pedro Pascal of Game of Thrones, Narcos and The Mandalorian fame. 

This kind of attention was garnered from the game’s more smart, grounded and action-packed take on the zombie survival genre. Because in the world of the Last of Us, you will go on a journey with Joel and Ellie as you survive through the post-apocalyptic landscape ravaged by zombies. 

Here, thrilling action scenes are played as tear-jerking and emotional moments occur. Thus giving players a well-balanced gaming experience uncommon with a lot of video games at the time. Additionally, it feels more grounded as you will be the one to build any tools Joel or Ellie will need to survive this dangerous new world. Which is a direct contract with other games where you’re just handed weapons and items. 

Super Mario 64 (1996)

For most of his gaming history, Mario games have always been rendered using 2D sprites. Though it allowed for fun adventures beloved for over a decade in 1996, it feels a little limiting. Then as computers become more advanced, Nintendo has used 3D graphics to change the way Mario games are played. 

In Super Mario 64, you get to play as Mario in a fully-realized game in a 3-dimensional space. Thus allowing you to move around exciting new worlds as you’re now equipped with more directionality than ever before.

 Additionally, fighting off swarms of enemies is more fun as you get to use new and exciting mechanics. Also, more thrilling experiences are had because you get to control your camera and choose what cool angle you will be looking at.  

Though as you get familiarized with this exciting and colourful new world, Super Mario 64 still feels familiar with your classic Mario games. Making it enjoyable for not just new players, but older ones as well. 

Dark Souls (2011)

In the world of Dark Souls, you’d find yourself against swarms of enemies waiting to see you die. As one of the most popular and influential RPG games of the early 2010s, Dark Souls will have you be a mighty warrior who will have to go on a perilous journey within the dark dungeons of Demon Ruins. 

Known for its incredibly challenging gameplay, you will have to fight your way through the evil unknown and grow your abilities. Because in Dark Souls, only the strong survive the darkness within the dungeons. 

Also, part of the reason this game is beloved is its open-world feature. This is because, with the freedom to roam around the game’s reality, you are shown darkly divine visuals, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Additionally, as you roam around, more and more of the world’s lore is shown. This makes the game feel more mysterious and spine-chilling as you never know who to trust as you meet countless questionable individuals. 

Then, you get to stare evil in the face as you face mighty, enormous enemies waiting to claw, stab and smash you throughout. When you’ve failed to defeat these enemies and trust us, you will be defeated countless times, you will see the most iconic imagery in the game: the three words every Dark Souls Player dreads to see: ‘YOU DIED’.

Minecraft (2011)

It’s rare for an independent game to achieve mainstream success. This is because, with the strong competition within the video game industry, original games created by smaller developers don’t get as much attention as their mainstream counterparts like Sony or Nintendo. 

Then in 2011, this status quo was changed when Mojang’s Minecraft was released. Starting as a small, sandbox game that allows its players to traverse a vast world to create gorgeous sculptures and imagery, it evolved into a billion-dollar phenomenon that expanded exponentially. From action-packed survival events to even an interactive Netflix movie, it’s clear that Minecraft is one of the most important games of the 2010s. 

However, despite their growing success and expansions, the prime goal of Minecraft remains creativity. So if you’re not into the more action-based gameplay of the newer updates, you can still have fun creating wondrous statues. 

Doom (1993) 

For the most part, mainstream video games have been for children. With funny-looking plumbers, cute miniature monster pets and blue hedgehogs have been the main characters. Though they’re incredibly fun protagonists to play as some players are looking for more bite in their video games. Enter: id Software’s Doom. 

Here, you will play as the marine simply known as ‘Doomguy’ that fights off the many hordes of hell waiting to take over the Earth. As you start mowing down on demons using your arsenal of unrealistically huge guns, they will explode into a million pieces and have their guts flying around you. 

Though Doom is not the first-person shooter ever invented, it is the most important and controversial. This is because, in the 1990s, this level of violence has never been seen before in plenty of video games. As mentioned earlier, most games are made for the family, particularly children. So the sight of demons, blood and guts are surely new to plenty of players of the decade. 

Due to its disturbing imagery and hardcore violence, it garnered the attention of parents, educators and even the media as Doom gets ironically demonized. However, it’s this demonization of the game that made this game, and by extension, the FPS genre into the mainstream. 

Portal 2 (2011)

Find yourself in a mind-bending sci-fi world as you play Portal 2! Here, your mind and strategic thinking take centre stage as you solve the countless puzzles prepared for you in the game. At the same time, Portal 2 also expands upon its mysterious plot set by its successor. 

So as you travel around the game, solving puzzles and teleporting, fun characters with darkly twisted senses of humour will come out now and then. Taking you on an intriguing puzzle quest unlike anything you have seen before. 

To make the story more thrilling, the gameplay controls are closely-tied to the game’s storyline. Because of this, you will end up witnessing one of the strangest endings ever seen in a video game. 

Then if you want something less complicated and chill, you can have fun teleporting co-op games with your friends and solve fun puzzles. Lastly, if you’re feeling creative and a puzzle master, Portal 2 allows you to create your own levels that you can share with the rest of the world. 

Super Metroid (1994)

Going into the farthest reaches of space and exploring countless alien worlds is truly exciting! That’s the experience you get once you start playing Super Metroid. Equipped with the red and orange armour of Samus Aran, you’ll travel through various colourful environments that are as deadly as the inhabitants trying to kill you. 

Not just that, within the worlds you travel to, there are a lot of strange phenomena and places to witness and explore. From the corpses of fallen soldiers to eerie crashed spacecraft, you will be rewarded handsomely as you brave through these potentially dangerous sightings.

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