4 things you need to consider before buying a laptop

4 things you need to consider before buying a laptop

In our digital world today, a laptop is a must for every person. Whether it’s for work, school or entertainment, having a high-quality laptop is useful for whenever you’re travelling or simply not wanting to deal with the bulkiness of desktop. 

However, with a lot of laptops out there, it can be hard to decide which one of them is the best to purchase. Fortunately, we at CleverCart will help you choose the best laptop by having the following considerations before your purchase. 


For a lot of people, the reason they’re opting for a laptop instead of a desktop is because of its compact size. You may be one of these people. So to help you choose which laptop size is best for you, firstly think about your goals. 

If your general purpose is to bring your laptop on your travels, the thinner and smaller variant is the one you’ll need. However, with its smaller frame, high-performance hardware such as high-end Intel Core CPUs meaning won’t fit inside this laptop. Meaning, it doesn’t have a memory strong enough to handle HD videos or play video games. 

So if entertainment practices are the ones you need, it’s best to purchase the thicker frames of the clamshell laptops instead. Because as mentioned above, their thicker frames can handle high-performance hardware. 

Battery life

Regardless of whether you’re working or playing, strong battery life is a must. Though there’s already a certain level of hours printed on the back, it greatly differs from the actual battery life. So how can you know what makes for a ‘strong battery’? 

It depends. This is because a battery life can vary differently based on your activities. From your screen brightness, how long you use the unit to the programs you use, this help define how long you can use your laptop. 

Furthermore, you must never focus on the hours printed on the box, this is because these numbers are merely an estimate the manufacturers made. Instead, focus on the rating of the battery in Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). If the laptop unit’s Wh or mAh is bigger or smaller, you will have either a longer or shorter battery respectively.


Storage is an absolute must for any laptop. Because it’s the storage that allows you to store essential items such as work or entertainment programs such as games and videos. Should you purchase a laptop that doesn’t have a strong storage capacity, it will inevitably get slower as the processing sequence relies on free space.

So whenever you’re looking for a laptop, ensure that it has hundreds of gigabytes, or better, terabytes, in storage. After all, you don’t want to sacrifice essential files for better performance.

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